• Response to Trent Clark
    Dear Oneida Daily Dispatch Editor: Recently, you republished an article written by Trent Clark. It’s no secret Mr. Clark fully supported Tom Luna for […]
  • CEI Fails to Get Passing Grade
    In May 2017, Bonneville County voters approved a new taxing district after turning Eastern Idaho Technical College (EITC) into a community college. The proponents […]
  • Don’t Reward Unlawful Conduct
    To ensure “transparent and ethical government,” a “public entity” in Idaho cannot use “public funds” to “advocate” for a “ballot measure.” I.C. 74-602 and […]
  • What’s the lesson for you on income taxes?
    When our Founding Fathers gave us the United States Constitution, it contained no provision for Congress to tax income. That all changed on Feb. […]
  • My professor forewarned me
    During my first week of law school, I had a professor spend the entire week studying one United States Supreme Court case. The case […]
  • Too Long and Too Liberal
    For over twenty long years, Simpson has been in Washington where he’s voted for amnesty for illegals, massive spending increases, bigger government, and gun […]
  • Senators Risch and Crapo: The Case for Term Limits
    United States Senators Jim Risch and Mike Crapo recently joined 17 other Senate Republicans and all 50 Senate Democrats to pass Biden’s $1.2 trillion […]
  • Furniss fails to rebut
    Representative Rod Furniss recently wrote in a Post Register article, “I often reflect on why I was chosen to serve as a legislator in […]
  • Rep. Furniss Opens Mouth And Inserts Foot, Again
    Representative Rod Furniss has been at it again. He’s been attacking the Idaho Freedom Foundation by writing articles and throwing around numbers he claims […]