Travis Oler is still a Democrat

Travis Oler recently wrote an article in the Post Register attacking Parrish Miller who freelances as an index analyst evaluating and scoring Idaho legislative bills every year for the Idaho Freedom Foundation. In the same article, Travis oozes disdain for the Idaho Freedom Foundation, Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin and Rep. Julianne Young, his Republican Party opponent for the Idaho House of Representatives in Bingham County.

Come to think of it, each article Travis writes this political season is long on attacks and short on reasons to vote for him. Have you noticed his Democratic Party affiliation is conspicuously absent from his campaign? Not talking about it doesn’t change the fact Travis is still a Democrat.

You would hardly know that Travis is a Democrat because he doesn’t like to talk about it. When he writes an article, he doesn’t mention it in the body of his text. He waits until the end of the article and then mentions it only in his author description. He’s like the guy who pretends to be your friend, invites you over for dinner and only afterward rolls out the multi-level marketing pitch.

While he avoids mentioning he’s a Democrat, Travis loves to mention he’s a fifth-generation Idahoan, veteran and belongs to a “farm family.” Boy, those are good reasons to vote for him. He speaks in glittering heart-warming generalities hoping we’ll miss that Democrat thing. Sorry, Travis, you’re still a Democrat.

Travis has yard signs posted throughout Bingham County. They’re even red, white and blue and say he’s a “veteran.” But they don’t say what office Travis is running for, and they don’t say what party he belongs to. That’s because Travis is a Democrat.

This means that Travis belongs to the party of sleepy Joe Biden. I’d like to ask Travis a question, “Travis, you going to vote for Trump or Biden as the next commander in chief — really, Biden, the guy who’s been hiding in his basement?” I’m looking forward to your next article because I can’t wait to hear your response. Go ahead, tell the good people of Bingham County that you support sleepy Joe Biden for President and you want their vote. I double-dog dare you, Travis.

The Democrats have a platform that does not stand for beliefs but instead reads like a list of demands. For example, Democrats demand abortion, gun control, government-controlled health care, sanctuary cities and no border walls. Today’s Democrats want to defund the police, end school choice, impose higher minimum wages and levy higher taxes. Did I forget to mention that Travis is a Democrat?

You can hardly blame Travis for glossing over the fact that he is a Democrat. The Democrats of today want to shut down our economy, love wasting valuable time and resources impeaching our president for something as benign as a phone call, and follow their leader Nancy “I was set up” Pelosi. If that’s the wagon I hitched my horse to, I wouldn’t want to advertise it either.

Travis can pretend he’s worthy of your vote by flashing a big smile, keeping his campaign nondescript and avoiding real issues that face us today. But Travis Oler cannot avoid the fact that he is still a Democrat.

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