Poll: Should we breach the dams on the Lower Snake River?

Recently, Congressman Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) proposed spending more than $33 billion to breach four dams on the Lower Snake River. This is the first time a sitting senior elected official has ever asked the region to consider breaching dams that are still functioning.

Should we breach the dams on the Lower Snake River?

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To save the salmon the first thing to do is to get rid of the walruses along the southern Washington and northern Oregon coast and those in the Columbia River up to the Bonneville Dam. Those animals are responsible for the loss of many of the salmon as well as the destruction many private boat wharfs in the lower Columbia.
The walruses in these waters are NOT native.

They have no idea what they are talking about. They will throw Idaho back into the dark ages and after removing billions of dollars worth of dams the Idaho people’s power bills will go sky high! Besides, there is absolutely NO guarantee after all the damage is done that this project will make ANY difference in Salmon numbers. Someone must be “Cutting Cookies” with DC Environmentalist and receiving something for such a horrible project! They are not thinking of Agriculture, Power, or the Well Being of the great people of Idaho. This is my opinion!

There are easier and much more code effective options to this problem, aka fish ladders! leave the dams alone, they are far more important then these people want you to believe!!!

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